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School Plan for Student Achievement

School Plan for Student Achievement

Executive Summary



Principal: Deborah Bennett

School Site Council Approval Date: November 9, 2021

State Program Funds:

LCFF Supplemental





Program Funds:

Title I

Economically Disadvantaged


Estimated Funds:

$ 197,525

$ 79,998

Estimated Funds:

$ 253,065

School Mission/Vision

Mission: Orangethorpe Elementary is a creative community that nurtures and challenges our diverse next generation innovators.  We engage our students as civic leaders through Project Curiosity to make a powerful impact on our Earth.  ORCA's think Outside the box while being Respectful and responsible through Collaborative opportunities to promote Academic success.

Vision: At Orangethorpe, we believe that every student can achieve personal success through multiple creative outlets that foster students' talents, while meeting the needs of the whole child.  We promote family partnerships that provide a strong foundation to help develop well-rounded students who are ready to pursue their passions.  Project Curiosity blends art and science to give students the ability to become stewards of the environment by exploring, collaborating, innovating and creating.

At Orangethorpe Elementary, these are our Core Values: 

  • We value skilled teachers who engage students at all levels, are trained to adapt instruction to multiple learning styles, and have a passion for empowering the whole child.

  • We value each child's uniqueness and believe that when given the opportunity to meet the individual learning needs and interests of students, learning increases.

  • We value instructional practices that develop intrinsically motivated learners through intentional personalized interventions.

School Achievement Goals

Major Initiatives, Actions and Services to Improve Student Achievement

Goal 1: Student Achievement

  • As a school, our teacher training focus is on deepening our practice and rigor in ELA, Math and Writers Workshop.  We are also working to infuse art into lessons and student opportunities to demonstrate learning. Our RtI program continues to improve and assist more of our students, and with the addition of math RTI, this further allows for the good first teaching to be perfected. We need to continue to strategically implement Writer's Workshop writing strategies to support writing and foster growth in the essential standards. Our LTELs will receive separate interventions for supporting their academic needs. We need to continue using CGI strategies to provide students with continued opportunities for application and reasoning versus solely calculating results. Additionally, we need to systematically and strategically teach foundational skills required to solve high-level problems, utilize sentence frames, and additional scaffolding for language-based math problems. 


  • I-Ready Data:
    • By Spring 2022, the percentage of students in grades K-2 scoring in levels 1 and 2 ("not mastered") on the 2022 final district diagnostic assessments in ELA will decrease by at least 10% from the 2021 district diagnostic one results 
    • By Spring 2022, the percentage of students in grades 3-6 scoring one or more grade levels below in ELA on the 2022 final district diagnostic assessment will decrease by at least 20% (decreasing from 79% - 63.2%) from the 2021 district diagnostic one results. 
    • By Spring 2022, the percentage of English Learners in grades 3-6 making progress on the reading portion of the ELPAC will increase by at least 10% from the results from the 2020/2021 ELPAC.


  • I-Ready Data:
    • By Spring 2022, the percentage of students in grades K-2 scoring in levels 1 and 2 ("not mastered") on the 2022 final district diagnostic assessments in Math will decrease by at least 10% from the 2021 district diagnostic one results. 
    • By Spring 2022, the percentage of students in grades 3 -6 scoring one or more grade levels below in mathematics on the 2022 final district diagnostic assessment will decrease by at least 20% (decreasing from 92% - 73.6%) from the 2021 district diagnostic one results. 
  • The percentage of students in grades 3-6 scoring in levels 1 and 2 ("not meeting State Standards") on the 2021-22 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) CAASPP assessment will decrease by a minimum of 10% from the 2018-19 ELA and Mathematics results. 

  • A PE Teacher will provide instruction for students, to provide release times for grade levels to participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) biweekly for 50 minutes.
  • Substitute teachers will be paid to allow teachers to participate in professional development and training in their areas of Language Arts, Math, ELD, and their professional growth goals.
  • Teacher substitutes will be utilized to support the following programs: Conducting Student Assessments, Instructional Rounds, Student Study Team (SST)/Round Table/SIT Meetings, Teacher Evaluation Conferences, and Classroom Visitations.
  • Teachers will be paid hourly to provide intervention for students after school, trained in intervention strategies, run student clubs, and compensated for the time beyond the workday for planning.
  • Identified teachers will attend trainings/workshops such as NGSS training, Project Based Learning, Writer's Workshop, Thinking Maps, RtI, STEM/Design Lab Thinking, and technology to improve instruction.  
  • Consultants will be contracted to present Professional Development such as Writers Workshop, Arts Infused Instruction, High Reliability, Culturally ResponsiveTeaching to all teachers.
  • Support Special Day Class (SDC) teachers with instructional materials and strategies to better serve Students With Disabilities (SWD)
  • Materials will be purchased for the RtI intervention program to use with targeted students such as Phonics for Reading, SIPPS, etc.
  • Additional supplemental materials will be purchased for Language Arts and Math instruction such as curriculum and apps.
  • Materials will be purchased for EL students to supplement ELD instruction (realia, poetry, DVDs, books, SMART TVs, Apple TVs, etc.)
  • Materials for Interventions/Clubs for after school such as ALEKS licenses, Robotics Club, iReady lessons, Learning A to Z, RAZ Kids, Tales of the Whale, DELTA Club, Speech & Debate,
  • Materials will be purchased to support alternative learning spaces for students: Design Lab, STEM Lab, Art Lab, and the Career & College Ready Upper-Grade Library
  • Provide professional development for teachers in MTSS for implementation in their classroom.

Goal 2: Technology and Digital Literacy

  • Our goal in technology is to provide support to teachers on how to use/implement classroom resources and provide support to students on how to use technology resources in the classroom. Teaching parents what students are using in a class by providing parenting classes through ELAC, Parent Training Classes, ESL instruction is critical to gaining the support of the use of technology in the classroom. Fourth through sixth-grade teachers are involved in the FSD initiative of developing overlays that allow students a personalized process for demonstrating mastery of various subject matter.  Additionally, the use of Thrively coupled with PATHFinder will further enhance learning for our fourth - sixth-grade students.

  • Substitutes will be provided to cover classes for grade-level meetings, professional learning, and work with the Tech TOSA. Additional substitute time is allotted for teachers to attend STEM trainings and support coding opportunities for all students.
  • Additional hours for IAT will be funded to support iPad rollout before the start of the school year.  This ensures that all students in 3rd - 6th grade have their technology ready to be used on the first day of school.
  • Technology support/replacement for Student/Teacher needs iPads, Laptops, desktop computers, smart TVs, printers, apps, keyboards, earphones, cables, etc. will be purchased to provide students more opportunities to print, publish their final edited works, and support students' needs.
  • Computers, laptops, iPads, memory, cables, and other technology equipment and Apps, services will be purchased for teachers, Principals, Office Staff to access and run the district, instructional and intervention programs, etc. to run efficiently.

Goal 3: Safe and Secure Environment

  • We will provide a PBIS-safe school climate through training, school implementation, assemblies as well as provide behavior supports through the use of counselors and training to continue providing a safe environment for students and staff. Our staff participated in a full-day Restorative Practices training and utilize morning circles as a way for teachers and students to connect.  This training provided resources to help teachers support students as they attempt to navigate the ever-evolving world of classroom discipline and student responsibility to the learning environment. Our teachers are utilizing Second Step within their classroom to help students with social interactions and manage their own emotions.  Staff are continuing their involvement in Culturally Responsive Teaching and High Reliability through their daily interactions with students and professional development opportunities.
  • 100% of students will receive lessons in character development through ORCA Expectations and PBIS Program as measured by teachers' records. The number of suspensions will decrease as measured by suspension data contained in SWIS from the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year (August) compared to end-of-year SWIS data.
  • 100% of students will participate in the Second Step Program with classroom lessons conducted throughout the year as measured by Second Step progress reports.
  • 100% of students will participate in a Wellness Program which includes: Healthy Celebrations, participation in routine "Brain Breaks" during instruction, After School Physical Activity clubs, restorative practices (ie: mindfulness and circles), monthly walk to school days, morning WAVE (Walk around very early)

  • Additional hours for noon supervisors will be provided to assist with the supervision before school, during school, and during special school-wide events.
  • A counselor will be employed to support/service our teachers and students’ needs.
  • To promote our motto: "Aim for Success", college pennants/banners, college visits, certificates, and/or other awards will be purchased. 
  • Materials will be purchased to support our ORCA Assemblies and PBIS program.
  • Materials and furniture will be purchased to support flexible learning classrooms.

Goal 4: Parent Engagement

  • Our goal is to promote positive relationships with parents and have more parent involvement. We will have parents attend meetings and events to provide a variety of opportunities for parent involvement and volunteer opportunities to communicate our goals of increasing students' attendance.

  • School Activities

We offer several opportunities for parents to be involved on campus to enhance school/community involvement.

Activities include:

  • BTSN, Open House, Art, Math and Reading nights, grandparents day, International day, Holiday programs
  • Parent Education classes and trainings will be offered and parent opportunities for involvement such as PTA, ELAC, SSC, and DELAC
  • Room Parents will be provided to assist parents with information regarding the State standards and strategies to help their children at home.
    • Advisory and Advocacy Roles
      • Watch DOGS
      • OC United 
      • Parent Education classes and trainings will be offered and parent opportunities for involvement such as PTA, ELAC, SSC
      • School to home communication in both English and Spanish
      • Translators provided for parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, and other teacher meetings.
  • Activities to Support Learning at Home
    • The Social Service Assistant serves as a liaison between the inter-community agencies, monitors students with attendance problems due to health issues, sustains our PBIS program, provide parents with information and resources for their child(ren).
    • Childcare will be provided for parents who participate in parent training sessions or informative meetings.
    • Establish procedures and fund effective home/school communication such as parent letters, meetings, progress reports, translators during parent/teacher conferences, home/school communication folders, planners, etc.